It’s not just Moto-purposed gear, either, for Wayther offers a slew of standard accessories and apparel items so you’re forever under the influence of this charismatic brand- that works to make riding gear look slick and street-ready, yet safe.

When we began our journey towards becoming the first riding gear brand in Bangladesh, it wasn’t that easy. From 2017 we started our journey & since then we tried our best possible way to make good quality product in our own factory. We didn’t make any compromise in making our product. We struggled, tried, failed, tried again then after a lot of hardship we succeeded to make most quality full product which can get along with any international brand .Now we are very much proud to say that yes we are Bangladeshi and emerging as a brand very beautifully. As a Bangladeshi brand we always prefer to make accessories according our weather and nature. We always make sure to give proper safety & comfort in our every product .All the motor cycle user & bicycle user can easily carry our products very well. That’s is why Bangladeshi bike riding people now welcoming our products very warm-heartedly. Surely it is a very pleasing and pride for us to serve our own county people. In near future we are planning to expand our venture & export in international market as well. Hopefully we will be able to do that with the blessing & love of our country people.


The Wayther strive to responsibly make meaningful products, a company is geared towards being “Protective on the Bike” and “Fashionable off the Bike”. Combine the need for weather-ready moto gear in the downright diversified Bangladesh climate The company is continuing its activities to cross the boundaries and take its place in the international market. 

We always had a far pleasant vision to work with international market. That is why we never compromise with our quality .We make sure to get CE certified to standard in each our safety product. Though we started as a Bangladeshi brand but we are planning ahead to gain international recognition. In near future we will be able to export & expand our brand in international market. So it is our sole mission & aim is to promote our country in a foreign country through our brand Wayther.


We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, now feel in no doubt that The team working here with different outlooks and experiences can make anything for you protective on the bike, fashionable off the bike.

Amzad Mahmud
Founder & CEO, Motorcycle Rider Himself

As a biker himself, Amzad knows firsthand what gears in biking need to be successful, and he saw a disconnect between those needs and what sellers in Bangladesh could provide. This inspired him to start his own company “The Wayther” first biking gear manufacturer in country and offer real-world, common-sense solutions to help the biker be more secured yet fashionable.

Khatuna Zannat Shorna
Head of R&D

Shorna, is responsible for Wayther’s design & development efforts including developing new products, growing brand affinity & user adoption. Since 2019, Shorna has held many integral roles at Wayther, helping lead the company through multiple phases of growth.

Farhana Mohaimeen
Manager, Branding & PR

Farhana, has been working with Wayther since 2019, building exceptional shopping experiences across platforms, she leads the company’s digital marketing, makes us look good while we are making others look good.

Moshiur Rahman Bipul
Manager, Accounts & Admin

Bipul, a versatile asset for Wayther, focusing primarily in the area of accounting & administrative functions, he coordinates certain client communications, including carriers and vendors in order to provide creative solutions in time.