How To Get A Motorcycle Driving License – Details And Cost

Driving License is a must for everyone on the road nowadays. Motorcyclists are not out of that. laws are very strict nowadays and also there is a concern of safety so every Biker should get his driving License (Source). Getting a driving license is easier nowadays, one can easily get it by following some steps.


  • Download APPLICATION OF LEARNER MOTOR DRIVING LICENSE and fill it up and attach 3 copies of Stamp Size Photograph.
  • Go to BRTA, deposit the fees in the BRAC BANK. If you want to apply for a single category (either car or motorcycle), the fees are 345 BDT. And if you want both car and motorcycle, the fees are 518 BDT.
  • Apply to the bank receipt and get the Learner License.


  • You might see that the exam is scheduled for after 3/6 months or so. But you can sit for an exam earlier within 1 month. In order to do that, you need the authorities to help to reschedule it to earlier. or you can go for a contract with the broker. make a copy of your learner, go for a deal to make arrangements of earlier exam sitting and make sure your result came out passed even though if you get failed. For the contract, 2000-2500 BDT is enough.
  • You will get back the Learner License within 3 days. In the meantime, download and fill-up the NON PROFESSIONAL DRIVING LICENSE FORM & the Medical Certificate Form for BRTA Driving License by your local area doctor. (it includes in the non-professional driving license form).


  • Make the payment of 2542 BDT for issuing the driving license.
  • Attach a copy of any of these – Birth Certificate, Passport or NID.
  • Learner License.
  • A Filled up NON-PROFESSIONAL DRIVING LICENSE FORM including a Passport Sized Photograph.
  • Attach all these 3 and go to BRTA, Submit, Get a token and wait for your call.
  • After giving Biometric, they will take all of the files and give you a Temporary Driving Permit, through which you can drive till your Smart Driving License Card is issued and delivered.
  • When the license is ready, you will get an SMS on your phone. It usually takes 3-4 months for an issue. Submit your Temporary Driving Permit and receive your Smart Driving License Card.

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